When did you last consider your sexual health?

Hi there beautiful ones 🙂

I am especially careful in managing my sexual health, which is an occupational health and safety matter for me!

I have a full STI screening at a maximum time limit of three months (as per Victorian law) – and often as soon as every two months. This ensures my safety and the safety of gentlemen that I entertain. I INSIST on practices that are as safe as possible. (If you ask me for unsafe practices, our time together will be immediately concluded, with no refund provided).

My question to you is – how long is it since you checked your own sexual health?

If you have more than one sexual partner, then you SHOULD be checking your sexual health. If you’re not using condoms, you’re not only putting yourself at risk, you’re putting your partners at risk – and their partners, and their partners – and so on.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (Australia) has been tracking the rise of syphilis infection in Australia. Just like COVID, STI’s such as syphilis seem to LOVE Melbourne for some reason ):

Syphilis infections have increased in Melbourne triple fold since 2014 to the beginning of 2020 (https://www1.racgp.org.au/newsgp/clinical/syphilis-dramatically-on-the-rise-in-victoria-repo) – and that was pre-COVID; the sneaky booty call was at it’s highest during lockdown (don’t pretend you didn’t, if my message requests were any indication, Melbourne was HORNY in lockdown!) – this is extremely concerning. The EASIEST, FREE place to have a full STI check is at Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic at 580 Swanston St. Carlton – visit their website here to find out how to book an appointment, along with outreach GP’s throughout the Metro area who provide the same service as MSHC. Your GP can also offer STI checks.

As indicated here https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/ConditionsAndTreatments/syphilis#bhc-content syphilis often goes untreated – if caught early, treatment can be very effective, however, if left untreated, can cause chronic brain and heart disease.

Historically, figures as diverse as John Batman (yes – the guy that founded Melbourne!) and artist Henri de Toulouse Lautrec (famous not only for his art but his involvement in the culture of the Paris suburb of Montmatre during the Belle Époque from the late 1800’s – WW1, including the creation of the original promotional posters for the Moulin Rouge), died of Neurosyphylis – a bacterial infection of the brain/brain stem, where syphilis had not been diagnosed and treated. It literally sent people “insane”, using historical terms (now we would describe the symptoms to be similar to dementia), as well as causing terrible physical disfigurement, blisters etc. Syphilis was previously treated with mercury, which can cause neurological and behavioural disorders, such as tremors, emotional instability, insomnia, memory loss, neuromuscular changes and headaches. It can also harm the kidneys and thyroid. High exposures have also led to deaths.

Thank goodness for the discovery of penicillin!

Of course, syphilis is not the only STI that can be passed between sexual partners – chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis, HPV, HIV, herpes and pubic lice (crabs) are the most common STI’s that are tested for regularly. The symptoms can range from unpleasant discharge, to sores/warts (which can be extremely painful) to infertility – and in the case of HPV, possible cancer of the cervix (Gardisil is now administered to young women to reduce the risk of cancer of the cervix).

Remember, there is NO cure for HPV, HIV and herpes. These can all be managed medically – but as we have always been taught, prevention is better than cure!

While in lockdown, it’s a GREAT time to organise a blood test. A simple Telehealth appointment with your GP or contacting MSHC via their website info above (or one of their outreach clinics) to make an appointment to attend when it’s safe to do so. A simple blood test could mean the difference between quick treatment and ongoing pain/treatment.

Look after YOU and those that are important to you <3


Phoebe xoxo

2020/21 X Awards – WINNER!

We all know that 2020 sucked the big one. In Australia, ESPECIALLY in Victoria, we have suffered through three lockdowns (luckily the last was a ‘reset’ five day lockdown) but we are very lucky indeed to have avoided the huge number of fatalities and the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on our everyday lives. Life is SOMEWHAT normal here now (side note: Victorian Government – if you delay the beginning of the AFL season, I will be PISSED… knowing that my BIG DOLLAR membership and reserve seat is already not a guarantee of getting to a game!)… but I digress!

Yellow and Black BACK TO BACK!

One of the earliest casualties (for me) of Melbourne Lockdown 2.0 (apart from my waistline lol) was attending the 2020 X Awards – Australian Adult Industry Awards which were originally scheduled for August – as the population of Melbourne was limited to one outing a day, a 5km distance limit from home and resulted in us eating our body weight in menulog 😉

No, we didn’t spend lockdown making meth!

I was absolutely flabbergasted to be nominated in three categories – disability service provider, fetish and fantasy provider (with my love Leo Dale as Melbourne Couples Escorts) and Female Escort categories – and after voting was extended to reflect the newly scheduled date of Saturday 20th February 2021, I was FLOORED to be informed that I had reached the TOP THREE in the female escort category.

Image courtesy of X Awards

Last Saturday, Leo and I booked a hotel room, got all dolled up (which was strange in itself after SO long) and attended the awards night at Chaser’s nightclub in Melbourne.

Ya girl in goddess mode
A night out with my love!

We had a fantastic night! Leo placed in 2nd place in the male escort and disability service provider categories… I accepted his awards with him and was of course articulate and able to get across Leo’s thoughts… but that changed pretty quickly…

I WON! I am the X Awards winner in the Female Escort category for 2020/21! I was shaking like a leaf and couldn’t string two words together lol!

Proof – eeep!

I was (and still am) humbled and honoured to be successful in winning this award and I hope I can be a great ambassador for female escorts across Australia – WE ARE AMAZING.


Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

“Do you do doubles?”…why, yes. With a difference!

This is a question that companions are often asked… and the answer from me is YES… but maybe not in the way that you may imagine!

I offer doubles sessions with my partner in all things, Leo Dale, as Melbourne Couples Escorts. I actually came to companionship work via doubles work with Leo… and after a few months of enjoying this aspect of my work, I decided to branch out on my own… as YOUR Phoebe Mae.

As a TRUE couple, in a long term relationship, our desire is to bring you pleasure. That pleasure may come in many forms – from companionship at an important event, to interesting and engaging conversation over a delicious meal, to intimate threesome M/F/F and straight couples experiences, or males seeking to make me the centre of attention in a M/M/F experience, your pleasure is our top priority.

Leo has written about our relationship and how we make it work here on his website and I’ve discussed how we balance our lives together and our work here and here – and we’ve shared how we make it work via a 3CR radio interview here.

We offer a mind-blowing couples/boyfriend/girlfriend/voyeur experience… or can be naughtier (FAR naughtier)! We do have hard limits, however, we will discuss these with you prior to our meeting you for the first time. We fully support the right of every human to experience sexual pleasure and gratification and we are thrilled to be offering our services to those with whom we identify, including those that are differently-abled, in a discreet and exciting way.

Engaging us is an amazing way to bring back the spice within your relationship! If you’re considering seeing me because the ‘spark’ has gone and you’d like bring me into a menage a trois, I’d be thrilled to join you in some fun that’s consented to by all parties – but have you considered a menage a quatre?


Yes, this may not be what you were expecting… however, I am consistently on the lookout for a females doubles partner – I just haven’t found that person with whom I ‘click’, in order for me to advertise a more permanent doubles arrangement – I am open to working with other female providers at your discretion and am happy to discuss your needs with a companion of your choice, engaged by you, for some naughty fun! 🙂


Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

Finally taking inquiries in Melbourne/Victoria, FMTY (Sydney) – and a tour planned for Sydney in January!

This year has sucked. There’s no other way to say it – ESPECIALLY if you suffered through the hell of #MelbourneLockdown – over 200 days to ensure everyone’s safety – not just in Victoria, but throughout the country.
But – HUZZAH! Uncle Dan has decreed that we can GET ON THE BEERS and get back to what we do best – being the most amazing city in the world! 😉 which of course includes… enjoying the company of a companion, whether that be a social tete a tete or something altogether more naughty – THE TIME IS NOW.

I am very excited to be back and taking inquiries for Melbourne and Victoria NOW, along with FMTY inquiries after the Victoria/NSW border opens on the 23rd November 🙂

Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

The lockdown necessitated a return to civilian work for me, so my availabilities are VERY limited in November – 5pm – 1am on Friday evenings, 11am Saturday through to 10pm Sunday.

Availability outside of these times can be negotiated, however a minimum of 48 hour’s notice, along with 50% deposit, is required to secure such bookings.

From the 1st December I will be available on weekday evenings from 5pm – 11pm and come 11th November – I’m all yours until the end of January!

Speaking of January… my ‘partner in crime’, Leo Dale and I are taking inquiries for our very first tour together, to Sydney, from the 15th – 17th January. We will be taking M/F doubles bookings and separate bookings during this time – but if you want us there, you NEED to contact us as soon as possible, so we can make arrangements!

We are also available now for bookings in Melbourne/Victoria and for FMTY arrangements to Sydney/NSW once the border opens on the 23rd November. Please contact me here if you wish to engage both Leo and I as Melbourne Couples Escorts.

It’s going to be difficult to organise accommodation within Australia over the next year or two, as we travel in our own backyard, so please inquire early if you wish to see me in Sydney in January, so I can secure accommodation as close to the CBD as possible! 🙂


Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

Chronic illness, surgery, recovery and body acceptance

So, my lovelies – I have always been honest about being a curvy size 12. I have a tummy, which I’ve artfully hidden in photos – until now. I also have a large scar.

The reason for my tummy is not because I’m lazy (well, I am) or I eat all the food (well, I do) – even when I was a size 8, I had a tummy… because of my scar. I wear that scar proudly, because I wouldn’t be earth side without it.

When I was a size 8 – after major abdominal surgery. Twice. I suffer from Crohn’s disease (IBD – inflammatory bowel disease) – I have been sick since I was 14, was diagnosed at 21, have had countless procedures and two major surgeries – at my sickest, I was 45kgs (sorry – the next image is gross, but a necessary part of this message).

Apart from the surgery, Crohn’s has affected my life enormously. Luckily I’ve been well for a while, but when I’m sick it’s debilitating and extremely painful – studies rank IBD as the fourth most painful disease in the world. Not to mention poop!

It took me YEARS to come to terms with my scar. No exercise will ever lead to a six pack as every muscle group in my stomach has been cut through multiple times. So, I have a tummy – but does that mean I don’t feel incredibly sexy? NOT A CHANCE!

Learning to love my body just the way it is, to overcome poor body image AND to share myself as a companion with a significant, permanent scar is the most empowering thing I have ever done. If this assists even one person to positively accept their body, I’ll be thrilled.


Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

ISO Netflix and chill ;) – The Umbrella Academy

Love Klaus!

Sooo… it’s the middle of winter, Stage 4 lockdown. I’m snuggled on the couch in my Oodie (not sponsored lol – I have the unicorn design- GET ONE if you don’t have one!), drinking alllllll the tea and eating allllll the food (note: I am doing my best to maintain my curves, gentlemen 😉 )… and everyone needs a Netflix recommendation, because looking at the same four walls can send one a wee bit loopy!

If you’d like to while away some time with me virtually before the lockdown ends, you can engage me for a digital date (a social tete a tete or something a little naughtier…) – see my rates page.

Kisses, Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

I PROMISE this one is worth the hype! A show doesn’t stay number 1 on Netflix for three weeks running if it’s not worth watching. If you love anything that delivers superheroes, a huge amount of quirkiness, GREAT characters, time travel, robotic mothers and a gentlemen gorilla – then you will LOVE Umbrella Academy.

I will henceforth be using this gif to send to gentlemen that find it difficult to make a proper inquiry 😉 – WE LOVE A KICK ASS FEMALE CHARACTER AND I LOVE ALLISON!

I’m BIG on ‘no spoilers’ so I won’t spoil it for you but PLEASE give this one a watch, it’s fantastic.

Oh and think of me while you watch 😉 because TRUST ME, I’m thinking of you and I can not WAIT until this lockdown is over and I can feel your touch!


Your Phoebe Mae xoxo