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2020/21 X Awards – WINNER!

We all know that 2020 sucked the big one. In Australia, ESPECIALLY in Victoria, we have suffered through three lockdowns (luckily the last was a ‘reset’ five day lockdown) but we are very lucky indeed to have avoided the huge number of fatalities and the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on our everyday lives. Life is SOMEWHAT normal here now (side note: Victorian Government – if you delay the beginning of the AFL season, I will be PISSED… knowing that my BIG DOLLAR membership and reserve seat is already not a guarantee of getting to a game!)… but I digress!

Yellow and Black BACK TO BACK!

One of the earliest casualties (for me) of Melbourne Lockdown 2.0 (apart from my waistline lol) was attending the 2020 X Awards – Australian Adult Industry Awards which were originally scheduled for August – as the population of Melbourne was limited to one outing a day, a 5km distance limit from home and resulted in us eating our body weight in menulog 😉

No, we didn’t spend lockdown making meth!

I was absolutely flabbergasted to be nominated in three categories – disability service provider, fetish and fantasy provider (with my love Leo Dale as Melbourne Couples Escorts) and Female Escort categories – and after voting was extended to reflect the newly scheduled date of Saturday 20th February 2021, I was FLOORED to be informed that I had reached the TOP THREE in the female escort category.

Image courtesy of X Awards

Last Saturday, Leo and I booked a hotel room, got all dolled up (which was strange in itself after SO long) and attended the awards night at Chaser’s nightclub in Melbourne.

Ya girl in goddess mode
A night out with my love!

We had a fantastic night! Leo placed in 2nd place in the male escort and disability service provider categories… I accepted his awards with him and was of course articulate and able to get across Leo’s thoughts… but that changed pretty quickly…

I WON! I am the X Awards winner in the Female Escort category for 2020/21! I was shaking like a leaf and couldn’t string two words together lol!

Proof – eeep!

I was (and still am) humbled and honoured to be successful in winning this award and I hope I can be a great ambassador for female escorts across Australia – WE ARE AMAZING.


Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

“Do you do doubles?”…why, yes. With a difference!

This is a question that companions are often asked… and the answer from me is YES… but maybe not in the way that you may imagine!

I offer doubles sessions with my partner in all things, Leo Dale, as Melbourne Couples Escorts. I actually came to companionship work via doubles work with Leo… and after a few months of enjoying this aspect of my work, I decided to branch out on my own… as YOUR Phoebe Mae.

As a TRUE couple, in a long term relationship, our desire is to bring you pleasure. That pleasure may come in many forms – from companionship at an important event, to interesting and engaging conversation over a delicious meal, to intimate threesome M/F/F and straight couples experiences, or males seeking to make me the centre of attention in a M/M/F experience, your pleasure is our top priority.

Leo has written about our relationship and how we make it work here on his website and I’ve discussed how we balance our lives together and our work here and here – and we’ve shared how we make it work via a 3CR radio interview here.

We offer a mind-blowing couples/boyfriend/girlfriend/voyeur experience… or can be naughtier (FAR naughtier)! We do have hard limits, however, we will discuss these with you prior to our meeting you for the first time. We fully support the right of every human to experience sexual pleasure and gratification and we are thrilled to be offering our services to those with whom we identify, including those that are differently-abled, in a discreet and exciting way.

Engaging us is an amazing way to bring back the spice within your relationship! If you’re considering seeing me because the ‘spark’ has gone and you’d like bring me into a menage a trois, I’d be thrilled to join you in some fun that’s consented to by all parties – but have you considered a menage a quatre?


Yes, this may not be what you were expecting… however, I am consistently on the lookout for a females doubles partner – I just haven’t found that person with whom I ‘click’, in order for me to advertise a more permanent doubles arrangement – I am open to working with other female providers at your discretion and am happy to discuss your needs with a companion of your choice, engaged by you, for some naughty fun! 🙂


Your Phoebe Mae xoxo