I maintain very high standards within my work and it’s certainly not unreasonable to expect to be approached with manners and consideration.

Your Phoebe Mae xoxo
Oh dear. You made a mistake! Let me help you.

If you’ve had this link sent to you, I have received one of the following text messages from you, or similar (and this is ALL I have received from you):

  • Hi
  • How are you
  • Avail / RU Avail / Are you available
  • Rates / How much
  • Where RU

A text message to myself needs to include the following:

  • Your name
  • A SHORT query about services that I may provide (you may be unsure if I offer a service which you are interested in and due to current Victorian law, I am unable to list my offerings in full on my website)
  • A proposed time to meet, within my times of availability (which are listed on any of my profiles, or here on my website)
  • If you wish to meet outside my times of availability, please indicate that you understand that I require 48 hours notice and a deposit of 50% to proceed further
  • Providing screening identification, such as an unaltered image of your licence, passport or photo employee ID before it is requested will DELIGHT me!

If you called me – you didn’t respect my request for SMS or email contact!

You shouldn’t need to ask my rates of service, as they are listed on all of my profiles and here on my website.

Your first contact with me demonstrates to me your level of interest in spending time with me and how personally invested you are in the process.

Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

Do you contact any other professional with one word or “How are you?” and expect a positive response? No, of course you don’t. You read their website and make an inquiry based on what you’ve read.

It takes two minutes to show that you are interested in spending some rewarding intimate time with me with a brief informative text message. If you choose not to, you may find yourself amongst the small majority of inquirers who miss out on the opportunity to see me because they are labelled a ‘time waster’, due to their unwillingness to contact me as requested.

If you’re gonna do it, do it right (right), do it with me.

George Michael

If you don’t take those few short moments to inquire appropriately, then my enthusiasm in seeing you is reflected by this…