I urge you to take a few moments to read the information below – understanding the information shared here will ensure a smooth booking process and a wonderful, carefree experience for both of us.


Phoebe xoxo

What do you mean by ‘first impressions count’?

Your first contact with me demonstrates to me your level of interest in spending time with me and how personally invested you are in the process.

A polite, quick text message introducing yourself, the length of time (and date) that you wish to spend with me and providing an image of your photo ID without prompting are all signs to me that you are a gentleman who is invested in a worthy rendezvous.

This is my first time booking an escort – how can you reassure me?

We all have ‘first times’ – do you remember the first time you kissed your crush, or the BIG ‘first time’? Believe it or not – I remember my ‘first time’ – both as a virgin AND in providing companionship as an escort vividly!

You can rest assured that our first time together won’t be anything like your ‘first time’ 😉 I’m happy to chat with you about any concerns you may have, but please know that it’s my absolute pleasure to ensure that you have a wonderful time with me and I’ll do my utmost to put you at ease from the first moment we meet. You won’t regret taking that first step 🙂

Why don’t you offer ‘set packages’ and how does our time together work?

I like to ensure that our time together is everything that you hope for and I very much enjoy spending some quiet moments over a drink or coffee, getting to know you before things progress further, naturally. From a social ‘get to know me’ date to an intimate assignation, it’s my pleasure to please and I will strive to do so, every time we meet.

Why do you request ID and a deposit?

I always find this question an intriguing one.

Let me put this scenario to you – you are asked to pay a deposit to secure an appointment with a beauty therapist, personal trainer or another professional. Do you question the need for this deposit? No! I too am a professional; I run my own business as a sole trader and if I do say so myself, I’m very good at it 😉

Unfortunately, a small percentage of the inquiries I receive are from people who take great delight in wasting my time, so a 20% deposit, especially for new lovers, is essential.

– Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

This is to be paid via Beemit (@yourphoebemae), discreet bank transfer (details provided on request) or via Cardless Cash transfer- the timing of such is at my discretion to allow me to access an ATM during hours that are convenient to myself.

With regards to requesting photo identification – you are requested to provide photo ID to hire a piece of equipment from Bunnings. Do you question the need for this? No! If that floor sander or nail gun is damaged or stolen, Bunnings then can take action to recover costs. I definitely believe that my personal safety is far more important than that of a floor sander!

Gentlemen, you can put this requirement squarely at the feet of those who do not demonstrate respect towards myself or others in the personal services industry (or toward women in general), in the same manner that a small percentage of home renovators aren’t pulling all of the nails/staples from the floorboards before sanding, therefore destroying the belt on the sanding machine.

Unfortunately, choosing to offer services such as those I provide does come with significant inherent risk, due to the poor behaviour of a small minority – and having a copy of the identification of gentlemen who engage my services reduces the chances of being exposed to dangerous circumstances, while allowing recourse should I find myself in a compromised situation.

Please note that any presentation of fake ID, ID that is obviously not your own or ID with details blacked out (in photographs of your ID) is not acceptable and presentation of such will ensure that you do not have the opportunity to enjoy my company.

Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

How safe am I with you?

Your personal details are safe with me – in Victoria, all who provide services such as those I provide must be registered with the Business Licensing Agency (BLA) and must provide their SWA number within their advertising. This is protection for YOU, as to register in Victoria a) we must include this number in all advertising so you can provide this to authorities should you come across an unscrupulous operator and b) all registered workers in Victoria must be of good character, with no previous criminal record.

For your reference, my SWA is 12865XE .

I always ensure that I embed safe sex practices into my work and I have very regular sexual health checkups to ensure that it is safe for everyone to enjoy time with me – body, heart and soul.

Please do not ask me to practice unsafe sex – not only is it extremely dangerous, it’s illegal. By engaging my services, you are agreeing to also engage in safe sex – any attempt to engage in unsafe sexual practices by a client will lead to an immediate termination of our time together, without refund of time remaining.

Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

Are your rates negotiable?

Asking this question is a surefire way of ensuring that we don’t enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company! Would you ask your dentist if their charges are negotiable? No! Please don’t ask as refusal can offend.

From time to time, I may offer special deals (for example, promotions at certain times of the year) but these will have clearly outlined conditions and a set cut off date to take advantage of any deals.

Why don’t you speak to your clients on the phone?

This is a matter of personal choice. I also find that we an expedite the booking process via text or email as it’s easier to communicate this via the written word – and reducing the nervousness that some may feel in contacting me. I make exceptions for clients who may have difficulty in navigating technology and if you let me know that you are experiencing difficulties, I’m more than happy to chat with you – but if you’re capable of writing a text, then this is my preferred method of contact.

What services do you offer?

I thoroughly enjoy being a companion and I am a charming, intelligent and thoughtful date for a special event, work function or dinner date.

Due to current Victorian legislation, I am not permitted to fully outline my services online. To gain a picture of what I offer, may I suggest visiting the my offerings page on my website? I am also happy to discuss your particular needs briefly with you via text or email, prior to our time together (in order to ensure I can offer what you desire); once a deposit has been forwarded, I am happy to discuss your needs in more detail.

I do have ‘hard limits’, but these are minimal and are put in place with my safety in mind. These are not negotiable.

Any attempt to engage in practices outlined as a ‘hard limit’ will lead to an immediate termination of our time together, without refund of time remaining.

Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

Why aren’t you available at certain times?

Just like yourself, I cannot work 24/7! I operate within certain timeframes during the week and on weekends to allow me to manage other aspects of my life. You can negotiate to see me outside of my advertised hours, however this MUST be undertaken with at least 48 hours notice and with a 50% deposit in order to secure my services under such circumstances – please don’t expect me to be available outside of my advertised hours of availability with a few hour’s notice. My current hours of availability can be found here.

I’m concerned about discretion – can you guarantee that I will not be ‘found out’?

I completely understand the need for discretion and strive to ensure that I am discreet as possible with regards to communication, our meeting and in spending time together.

To ensure that you can also take responsible steps to protect yourself, may I recommend the following?

  • Public dates – don’t choose a restaurant, bar or public space close to your home or where acquaintances are likely to frequent.
  • Intimate trysts – again, don’t choose a location for us to meet that may be frequented by those you know. I know of many hotels where your (and my) discretion is paramount and I’m happy to recommend these to you, along with other locations that are very discreet.
  • Communication with me – make contact with me at a time when you can ensure that you are not likely to be interrupted. If you are using email, set up a specific email account that cannot be accessed by others. When contacting me by phone, ensure your phone is locked and cannot be accessed. Please indicate to me times that are best to contact you via this medium also.

Should I be contacted by another party to discuss our time together, please know that I will not confirm nor deny that we met. I will never ‘expose’ you and will do everything in my power to ensure that our time together is not public knowledge – and again, you do have recourse with regards to civil matters as you are able to access my SWA number, should your privacy be compromised.

My clients always compliment and thank me for going the ‘extra mile’ to ensure that their discretion is of the utmost importance to me.

Your Phoebe Mae xoxo

Such subterfuge is SUPER exciting and can definitely add to the thrill of organising time with me! 🙂

Where can I see you?

As mentioned above, I can recommend a number of hotels (at a range of budgets) where we can meet discreetly, along with other locations.

I am also happy to meet you at your home – again, I cannot stress enough the importance of providing your identification and a deposit for at home visits – I value my safety highly and I also want to ensure that I am prompt in my arrival at your home.

Making an effort in your home to present a neat and tidy environment, clean sheets on your bed, fresh towels and to offer sealed water bottles, tea and coffee is a kindness that will always be remembered and looked upon favourably for future meetings.

Are you able to cater for differently abled clients?

Yes – most definitely! Did you know that you can claim the cost of sexual services on the NDIS? A landmark ruling in the Federal Court in May of 2020 ensures that the cost of companionship can make up part of your NDIS scheme claim. Read about this here. This is very useful as your carer (if you have one) may need to assist us and they need to understand that they too have a role to play in ensuring that you are recognised as a sexual being.

Once such workshops are available post-COVID, I plan to attend a Touching Base training workshop, to ensure that I am being respectful of and offering the best possible services to those with a range of disabilities. I have also worked with those of varying abilities in a range of settings and have a unique insight into ensuring that you are valued and loved. <3