Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a move to providing online content has been necessitated. TRUST ME, I want to see you in person – but for those unable to taste the fruits of pleasure with me due to border restrictions, online services are a great way for us to remain connected. Know that I miss you more than words can say!

All content is made FOR YOU and is ONLY MADE FOR YOU – I never send pre-made videos or images; as in all of my interactions with companions, I strive to ensure that an online or digital experience is just as bespoke as our time spent together.

1:1 Skype digital date
(social or something a little naughtier…)
$125 per 15 mins
$200 per 30 mins
Naughty texting session
(includes one digital image of your choice)
$50 per 10 mins
Digital or Polaroid
(Polaroids posted discreetly as per your request)
$30 each
5 for $120
Custom made video
(as per your request)
$125 per 15 mins
$200 per 30 mins
I have made the strategic decision to not engage on OnlyFans, AVN Stars etc. – I pride myself on a highly personalised service and I cannot provide that well on such a platform.